We are a company in semiconductor components industry, continues optimizing sales and service team. We performing comprehensively in semiconductor distribution provide value-added services as Demand Creation, Turnkey Solution, Technical Support, Warehousing, Logistics and E-commerce to meet diverse needs of OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer), ODM(Original Design Manufacturer), EMS(Electronic Manufacturing Services) and SME(Small and Medium Enterprises).

Why Choose US

Upright and law-abiding operation, enthusiastic services, No light promises and always walk the talk. Transparent operating, be courage to admit mistakes and make corrections in time.
To become the first choice of stakeholders including clients, vendors and shareholders. To construct a learning environment where individuals and groups continually enhance skill. To focus on core operation and implement strictly.
Highlight on output, the quantity of capacity and balance of both. Set quantifiable objectives, be strict on details, do execute, and fulfill tasks. Set standard operating procedure to avoid same mistakes.


We serve our partners with delighted spirits to enhance valuable, long-lasting partnerships through “co-opetition” model.


To Become the First Choice of Industry. To Become the Benchmark of Distribution.


Accelerate integration of same function teams among companies and regions. Prevail no prejudices in nationalities or regions, but balanced interests and fairness.